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OSU's Cascades Campus Continues Double-Digit Growth

For the third straight year, administrators at Oregon State University are reporting double-digit enrollment growth at their Cascades Campus.

Full-time equivalent enrollment at OSU Cascades was up more than 14 percent this year.

Compare that to OSU’s main campus in Corvallis where it was up a little less than 5 percent.

Becky Johnson is Vice President for OSU Cascades.  She says that puts the campus on target to meet the schools strategic plan of having 2000 students by the year 2020.  But in order to meet that goal she says the school will need to continue to adapt to meet the needs of  tomorrow’s student body.

“Part of that means that we have to start new programs.  Because not only do we need to fill up the majors that we already have, but students are always looking for additional majors,” Johnson said.

In the last two years, the school began offering degrees in energy and engineering management,  and exercise and sports science.  Johnson says the school is working on a plan to offer masters degree programs  in public health, fine arts and creative writing.

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