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Pioneer Courthouse Square Named To '10 Great Places' List

Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square was honored Wednesday by a national planning organization. The American Planning Association based in Washington D.C. calls it one of the "10 Great Places' in the country.

Pioneer Courthouse SquareDavid Morley is a research associate with the Planning Association. He says other sites on the list include Central Park in New York and Union Station in Washington D.C.

David Morley : "What we're looking for are places that balance the competing needs of different users. So for instance in the case of Pioneer Courthouse Square, it really does function as a public living room for the city. It's the number one meeting place and it attracts over 10 million visitors a year from all different backgrounds."

The American Planning Association also designates "10 Great Streets" and "10 Great Neighborhoods."

Washington state didn't make those lists this year. But Boise, Idaho was recognized.

Boise's North End neighborhood was designated as one of group's "10 Great Neighborhoods."

It's the second year the association has compiled the national lists.


Great Places In America - American Planning Association

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