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Podcast: Elections Round-Up, Hippo Poop And More

“The environmental community has never been more politically active in this country and we saw massive changes on election night because of that.” — Brendon Cechovic, executive director of the Washington Conservation Voters

Join host Ashley Ahearn as she turns to Cechovic for an environmentalists’ post-election take on the various races and initiatives in the Northwest. We’ll also bring you updates on wind industry jobs, coal exports and… wait for it: hippo poop.

Podcast Extras

Elections news:

Listen to Aaron Kunz’s conversation with Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, ahead of election day, about House Joint Resolution 2. The amendment, which added hunting, fishing and trapping to a list of rights preserved in Idaho’s Constitution, passed.

Amelia Templeton reports that Senator Ron Wyden is poised to be the chair Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Other Northwest environmental news:

See and hear more, including photos of Blippo the Hippo, who provides “zoo doo” as compost starter for his neighboring vineyard.

Courtney Flatt has been reporting on the wind industry and possible effects if the Production Tax Credit ends as scheduled at the end of the year.

Keep up with all the latest coal export news on our Coal in the Northwest page.

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