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Police Break Up Elliott State Forest Protest

A day after protesters stopped logging trucks from entering a timber sale on the Elliott State Forest, police have moved in and made arrests.

Forestry officials delivered a letter Tuesday night warning the protesters that their blockade was illegal. Roughly half of the 50-or-so demonstrators left the area voluntarily Wednesday morning, without being arrested.

State police lieutenant, Gregg Hastings says that left 25 at the protest.

Gregg Hastings: “Some of which are up in trees, some have secured themselves using homemade improvised devices to try to delay their arrest. And so we’re slowly working through those issues to arrest what now is remaining about eight protesters. 17 were arrested earlier.”

Hastings says they’re trying not to harm any protesters as they round them up and send them to the Douglas County jail.

Protesters say the 80-acre proposed clear cut threatens wildlife and could contribute to global warming.  The timber sale is on state forest land, under the management of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

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