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Police Release More Evidence In Hospital Shooting

The Portland Police Bureau released the 911 tape and a cellphone video of the officer-involved shooting on Sunday of Merle Hatch.

Merle Hatch

Merle Hatch

Portland Police

On the grainy video shot by a bystander, Hatch is heard shouting: “Come and Play,” and “I’m gonna take hostages.”

When officers don’t approach he says: “Okay, then I’m going to come to you,” and he appears to run in their direction.

Police Chief, Mike Reese, says Hatch did not have a gun, but he did have a broken black plastic phone receiver stolen from the Adventist Medical Center.

Portland Police

“Detectives believe that the suspect used this piece of plastic to simulate a handgun when he encountered hospital security two different times and during his contact with Portland police officers.”

Police say officers were about 65 yards away from Hatch, planning how to deal with the situation when he ran at them. He was shot when he was 14 yards away.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said larger questions about police use of force are for another day.

The Portland Police Department Wednesdsay released more details involving the shooting of Merle Hatch.

The incident is the first time Hales has had to deal with an officer-involved shooting as mayor.

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