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Political Chat: AG Kroger Trades Court For Campus

When John Kroger announced he was not going to run for reelection as Oregon’s Attorney General, many wondered what he would do instead.  Now we know. 

Kroger announced this week that he will be the next president of Reed College in Portland.  He’ll be on the new job soon.

John Kroger:  “I want to be on the Reed campus in time for fall classes.  So I will be stepping down some time this summer as Attorney General.  And the Governor and I agreed we’d talk about a proper succession and transition plan to make sure the state’s legal work is in good hands.”

Meanwhile, two candidates for the State Legislature get money from Koch Industries, a lightning rod in American politics.  And veteran Eastern Oregon legislator Denny Jones dies at the age of 101.

We talk politics every Friday at this time.  Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter with the Oregonian.  OPB Political Analyst Bill Lunch is away, so we’re happy to welcome Jim Moore.  He teaches political science at Pacific University.

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