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Political Chat: A Close Race For Mayor And A Huge Medicaid Deal

If you like your elections with a healthy dose of drama, the Portland Mayoral race might be the one to watch.

A new poll by DHM Research for OPB and Fox-12 shows the three top candidates practically in a dead heat.  Charlie Hales is at 25 percent, Eileen Brady at 23 percent and Jefferson Smith is at 20 percent.

That puts everybody within the margin of error at plus or minus five percent.

Other political news from the week includes an announcement from Governor John Kitzhaber about a new deal with the federal government that funds Medicaid in the state, to the tune nearly $2b over the next five years.

And the Oregon Republican Party was finally able to find candidates to run for two key state races — as write-ins

We talk politics on Friday mornings.  Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for the Oregonian.  Bill Lunch is away, so we welcome Jim Moore.  He teaches politics at Pacific University.

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