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Portland Police Close Mount Tabor Ahead Of Planned Protest

Portland Police have set up barriers at Mount Tabor, in advance of a protest planned for Friday.

Camp Cascadia opposes the impending closure of the city’s open reservoirs, to comply with federal water regulations.

Organizer Jessie Sponberg says while the group borrowed the Occupy name, it’s got a unique approach.

“We have food, we have water, we have restroom facilities. We have leadership. We won’t be repeating the mistakes that were made in the park downtown. This is not a permanent camp where people will be living,” Sponberg says.

Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees the Water Bureau, says roads were closed to limit potential conflicts between cars and people. He says the city has three responsibilities.

“We want to make sure citizens have their full First Amendment Rights. Two, we need to make sure the rules of the park are enforced, and three, we have two reservoirs in Mount Tabor that are exposed. We need to ensure the water is safe,” Fish says.

Fish says the protestors will not be allowed to stay past the park curfew of midnight.

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