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Portland Stone Mason Finds 'Raw Democracy' In Iowa

Portland stone mason Spencer Burton is in Des Moines for his third Iowa caucus. This time he's recording what he sees for a new newspaper he's launching this month.

At a Joe Biden event he was shoulder to shoulder with ABC and the New York Times.

Spencer Burton: “I just love the whole political process and this is the place where you can get closest in access to the candidates. Later on you just can't get close to them, you can't get to see all the candidates all at once, I just love the raw democracy of coming to Iowa.”

Burton has seen almost every candidate work the crowds in Iowa. He calls Bill Richardson knowledgeable,  and Mike Huckabee 'folksy'. He finds Barack Obama a little generic. And he can't stand Rudolph Giuliani.

Burton hopes to get the first printing of his newspaper, The Rooster, out soon after the Iowa caucuses. He also has a stone project waiting for him back in Portland.

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