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Portland Traffic Fatalities Continue To Drop

Last year, the city of Portland had the fewest traffic deaths since 1925. There were 15 motor vehicle fatalities and five pedestrian deaths.

The figures, which are the lowest on record, come even as Portland’s population is growing. The question is: why?

Greg Raisman is with the Portland Department of Transportation.

Greg Raisman: “By really thinking about having a multi-modal system where people are walking and biking and taking transit. What that means is that car drivers really have to operate their vehicles as lot ore defensively. Be a lot more aware and cognizant of what is happening around them.  And it results in them driving more safely and as a result it becomes safer for the people in the cars as well.”

The fatalities have been dropping in Portland since about 1985. Most other U.S. cities are not seeing the same decline. But European cities are.

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