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Portland's Mayor-Elect Asks For Patience

Portland’s mayor-elect and transportation commissioner told the state’s largest city to have patience, and stay home - possibly through the week.

Sam Adams says he understands people are frustrated with slow buses and snow-fillled streets, especially with Christmas approaching. But he said he's worried people will run out of patience before the streets clear.

Sam Adams: "That's my biggest concern right now, is people taking chances because everyone gets a little stir crazy. And we have plans for the holidays, and I'm afraid that level of setting off unprepared is going to get people hurt."

Chains are required on major highways, including those that run through Portland. However, transportation officials are closely monitoring how much de-icer they have.

More of the liquid is due in the next few days, but freight traffic into Portland has also been affected by the storm.

In the last few days, Adams has asked people to ride public transit. But TriMet has scaled back to 27 bus lines - leaving roughly one quarter of its regular riders without a nearby line.

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