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Pressure Grows In Re-Naming Interstate Ave. Controversy

Supporters of re-naming North Portland’s Interstate Avenue for civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez, chose Election Day to pressure city commissioners. Rob Manning has more.

African-American, Latino, and Native American leaders voiced support for Mayor Tom Potter, who stormed out of a recent city council meeting because fellow commissioners weren't going along with the name change.

The supporters of re-naming Interstate took aim at city commissioners who prefer a delay in the vote.

Former Multnomah County commissioner Serena Cruz Walsh was toughest on city councilor, and mayoral candidate, Sam Adams.

Serena Cruz Walsh: “If Commissioner Adams, continues as he has publicly stated, in opposition to this, he will not have my support in his run for mayor.”

Commissioner Adams says advocates will get the up-or-down vote they want. But he says he continues to support a resolution before council next week that would create a new process.

Name change supporters and at least two city commissioners disagree over whether the process to date has been sufficient.

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