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Redmond Considers Old School For New City Hall

Improvement in the economy is prompting Redmond’s City Council to revisit plans for a new city hall.

Evergreen Elementary

Evergreen Elementary

David Nogueras / OPB

The council will meet Tuesday night to discuss the cost of renovating a nearly hundred-year-old school building at the city’s center.

For decades, the building has been known to locals as Evergreen Elementary.  When the school district replaced Evergreen, the city bought the old building and the city block it stands on for about $250,000.

When the economy tanked, however, those plans had to be shelved.  Renovating the building is expected to cost about $8 million.

But Mayor George Endicott says Redmond is committed to preserving the 1922 building.

He says for many in town, it’s both a landmark and an icon.

“It was Redmond Union High School when it was first built.  And generations of Redmondites have gone to that building so it has that kind of emotional draw,” Endicott said.

Endicott says council will begin budget hearings later this month.  But he says barring any unforeseen setbacks, construction could begin by the end this year.


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