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Rep. Hooley Proposes $100 Million For Willamette River Projects

Communities along Oregon's Willamette River could be in line for a Federal funding boost.

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley is proposing a $100 million grant program to pay for transportation and recreation projects along the river. 

Hooley is making her case for the money with stops along the river.  At a stop in Corvallis Tuesday, Hooley was drowned out by protesters. They say the Democrat should concentrate more on getting U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Hooley said she is working to end the war, and that even a photo op can serve a purpose.

Darlene Hooley: "We want to make sure that people are paying attention, and when they pay attention to the river, we will have a better river."

Hooley says the federal money will help smaller communities build boat ramps and bike paths.  Some of the money would go towards reducing sources of pollution.

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