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Smith And Merkley Face Off In Medford Debate

Monday night Oregon's candidates for U.S. Senate faced off for the last time before Election Day. April Baer reports on Monday night's matchup in Medford.

Republican Gordon Smith and Democrat Jeff Merkley stayed on message, tackling a broad range of subjects, from the environment and trade issues, to the war and the economy.

Merkley kept up his criticism of the federal Wall Street bailout plan.

Jeff Merkley: "You know, this was a blank check. This entire meltdown occurred because of the deregulation of the Bush administration, and the philosophy supported by Gordon Smith."

Smith fired back, saying the rescue plan is  right in line with his moderate philosophy.

Gordon Smith: "I believe in markets. I don't believe in more regulation, I don't believe in less regulation. I believe in better regulation than we have had."

The debate was seen mostly by TV viewers in Southern Oregon. It will be rebroadcast on OPB-TV Thursday night at 9pm.

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