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Tax Measure Campaign Wraps Up

Oregon voters have until 8 o'clock Tuesday night to cast their ballots on a pair of tax increases. Measures 66 and 67 would raise taxes on upper income earners and corporations.

In the last few days, the vote has received a lot of national attention as a possible snapshot of the mood among voters.  Chris Lehman reports.

Outside the state, the measures are getting attention for their efforts to, "tax the rich."

Oregon lawmakers narrowly approved these taxes last summer to fend off deeper cuts.

The money is budgeted for state services such as education and public safety.

Opponents, including business and anti-tax groups, collected signatures to force the measures onto the ballot.

The two sides have spent more than $10 million trying to convince voters.

Linfield College political analyst Jackson Miller says on the one hand, it's surprising to see so much money being spent in a down economy.

Jackson Miller: "But at the same time, the stakes are so high for both sides that the level of investment doesn't surprise me."

Most of the cash raised by the tax hike supporters came from public employee unions. The election is already one of the most expensive ballot measure campaigns in Oregon history.


Information about Measures 66 and 67

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