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Three PSU Students Still In Egypt

Three Portland State students studying abroad at the American University in Cairo are still in Egypt, according to PSU. 

Monday the U.S. State Department began a voluntary evacuation after urging Americans over the weekend to leave the country as soon as they can safely do so.

Blythe Knott is PSU’s Education Abroad Advisor for students going to the Middle East.  She says all three students are accounted for and are safe. 

Still she says establishing lines of communication with the students remains a challenge. 

The mother of one students says her daughter will try to leave this week on a State Department flight.  

Knott says plans of the other two students are not known.

Blythe Knott: “For them it’s academically complicated and somewhat financially complicated, but I feel like their safety is in good hands because the American University in Cairo has done an amazing job of putting their safety plan in action, their emergency plan in action and taking care of everyone and communicating really well with parents and advisors about the situation.”

The U.S. State Department announced on Twitter, the agency will send an additional 40 consular officers to Egypt to assist U.S. citizens trying to leave the country.

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