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Trace Amounts Of Radiation From Japan Reach Oregon

A trace amount of radiation from Japan has reached Oregon. Rob Manning reports on the test results that state officials released Wednesday.


The new analysis of ambient air monitored in Portland has found iodine-131. That’s an isotope scientists believe came directly from the failed nuclear facilities in Japan.

But environmental health administrator Gail Shibley says there’s not nearly enough to raise health concerns. 

Gail Shibley: “At the level from this sampling, literally, a person would have to be exposed to that amount for more than 80,000 years, therefore, before needing to take potassium iodide.”

Shibley says it’s very likely that Oregon will continue seeing trace amounts of iodine-131 for a week or more after the nuclear plant stops sending radiation into the atmosphere.

But Shibley says it’s unlikely that it’ll ever reach concentrations that would threaten the health of Oregonians.


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