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A Trip To Visit Family Leaves Portland Woman On Front Lines Of Libyan Revolution

An Oregonian visiting family in Libya says fighting has been intense in Benghazi.  That city is at the forefront of the revolt against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

OPB contacted Nadia Abraibesh by phone in Libya Tuesday. She says she moved in with an aunt after the fighting started.

Nadia Abraibesh: “We heard gunfire right outside our house, we found bullets in our yard. We sent blankets and clothes to the hospital because we had friends who work there who said they didn’t have any supplies they had so many patients they had nowhere to put them, so we sent beds and blankets to them.”

Now, she says things are calmer in the city. Abraibesh is 22.

She grew up in Portland and graduated from Linfield College last spring.

She traveled to her father’s homeland to meet her Libyan relatives, teach at a European school, and work on her Arabic. But since the uprising  Abraibesh has been helping foreign journalists and joining protestors in the streets.

She is due to return to the U.S. in April, to work for Teach for America.  She says she has no plans to leave before then.

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