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Two ways to stretch a plastic bag ban

The cities of Portland and San Francisco present two ways to stretch a citywide plastic bag ban:

  1. In San Francisco, city supervisor Ross Mirkirimi has proposed stretching the existing ban to cover more retailers – including hardware and department stores, bookshops and clothing boutiques.
  2. In Portland, Mayor Sam Adams is apparently stretching the timeline on implementing a proposed citywide ban on plastic bags in grocery stores until the Oregon Legislature takes a crack at a statewide ban. The mayor recently posted an update on his website explaining his decision to postpone action on a city ordinance until after the 2011 legislative session. Here’s what he wrote:

This week, I met with State Legislators regarding the City’s and the State’s effort to ban single-use plastic bags and require a minimum five cent charge on paper. Although we align on our policy goals, Legislative leaders were concerned about the timing of the proposed ordinance and asked that I wait until after the 2011 Legislative session to file an ordinance. After a productive conversation, we now have an agreement in place to ensure a single-use bag policy no later than January 2012. Today, I filed a resolution with the proposed State and City policies as well as the Letter of Agreement with Senator Mark Hass, Senator Jackie Dingfelder, Senator Diane Rosenbaum, and Representative Ben Cannon. The resolution states that if the State fails to pass a substantially similar policy in the 2011 session, I will bring forward an ordinance to ban plastic bags and require a minimum 5 cent charge on paper bags by October 1, 2011. This new commitment and alignment will only strengthen our push statewide and will ensure a policy for Portland regardless.

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