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Vigil Planned At Site Of Corvallis Mosque Arson

The fire caused extensive damage to the office at the Salman Al-farisi Islamic Center

Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

A mosque damaged over the weekend in an apparent arson attack is getting an outpouring of support from the community of Corvallis.

People dropped off cards and flowers Monday at the Salman Al-farisi Islamic Center.

The Islamic Center was occasionally visited by the Corvallis teenager accused of trying to set off a bomb in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Mosque leaders denounced the alleged plot.

Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network
This window was broken during a suspected arson attack on the mosque.

Corvallis Mayor Charlie Tomlinson says the alleged arson attack doesnít represent his city.

Charlie Tomlinson: “We’re a community that honors diversity. But you have to work hard at that. It’s an educational thing to let people know that they should support and respect peoples of different faiths or different cultures.”

A candlelight vigil is set for Tuesday evening at the mosque, which is near the Oregon State University campus.

Mosque officials expect insurance to cover the cost of repairing the damage to the building. No one was injured in the fire, which was contained to an office.

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