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Wandering Wolf 'OR-7' Appears To Have Found A Home


The wolf known as “OR-7” appears to have found a home.

Image of what ODFW believes is wolf OR-7.

Image of what ODFW believes is wolf OR-7.

Courtesy Allen Daniels/ODFW

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the wandering gray wolf has spent the summer in Southeast Jackson County and Southwest Klamath County.

“What that tells you is, I think, he’s found some good habitat,” says Michelle Dennehy, Wildlife Communications Coordinator for ODFW.

It’s a rare bit of stability for a wolf whose travels have caught the imagination of at least two states. In September of 2011, OR-7 left the Imnaha Pack in Northeast Oregon and wandered hundreds of miles across the Cascades, becoming the first confirmed wolf sighted west of the mountains since 1937. He’s been roaming around Southern Oregon and Northern California ever since.

Officials believe OR-7 came to the region to find a mate. There’s no evidence he’s been successful. But he’s young – nearly 3.5 years old – and he may not be alone.

It has been two years since OR-7 began his journey around Southern Oregon and Northern California, but researchers think he's settling down.

Dennehy says, “Where there’s one wolf, there’s another.”

“Of course, everyone would like to see OR-7 mate,” she says. “And you know what? It could happen.”

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