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Why Are Starfish Dying Off The Pacific Coast? Video + Live Chat Feb. 19

Diver scientists collect a dying starfish in Puget Sound.

Diver scientists collect a dying starfish in Puget Sound.

Laura James


Starfish are dying by the tens of thousand up and down North America’s Pacific shores and nobody knows why. Katie Campbell has been

the researchers and citizen scientists on the frontlines
of this mysterious epidemic. They’re trying to figure out what’s causing starfish, also known as sea stars, to die in a particularly gruesome way — their arms crawl away and detach from their bodies.

Now, the story has escalated —

report on The PBS NewsHour has been shared and viewed more than 800,000 times in two weeks, making it one of the NewsHour’s most-viewed online stories and a top trending video on YouTube.

Citizen scientists from as far as Australia are helping track the outbreak by sending in video and photos of sick and dying sea stars to underwater videographer Laura James’ project.

*Join KCTS 9’s EarthFix reporter Katie Campbell and Seattle diver/videographer Laura James for a live chat: *

Date: Wednesday, February 19

Time: 12 p.m. Pacific.


What: We’ll watch the 7-minute video and follow that with a live chat.

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