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Your Weekly EarthFix: Washington Tribes and Climate Change, CSI: Wildlife And Floating Algae

A cougar skull at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab.

A cougar skull at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab.

Amelia Templeton

Floating clouds of algae viewed from the air, a CSI forensics lab to bust wildlife poachers and one tribe’s relocation to a national park on the Olympic Peninsula because of climate change - All this and more in this week’s EarthFix podcast.

EarthFix Podcast May 21-25 by EarthFix

Podcast Extras

In the podcast, Katie Campbell mentions footage they shot of tribes smelting in La Push, which likely won’t make it into the final video. Here’s an excerpt:

Katie shooting video for her story on Washington tribes and climate change: IMAG0334

Amelia Templeton’s web story In Ashland, A Crime Lab For 34,000 Species

Video from Ashley Ahearn’s recent reporting on algae and ocean acidification:

Here’s a photos of the researchers Ashley flew with over Puget Sound: ocean sensorChristopher Krembs
For more photos, check out our Facebook page.

Ashley’s coverage on algae and ocean acidification:
Ending Puget Sound’s Bad Acid Trip
Algae And Acidification: Connecting The Dots, From The Air
Cruising Puget Sound For Toxic Algae Hot Spots

Your Weekly EarthFix Podcast

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