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Follow Me Over To The EarthFix Site

This is my last post on the Ecotrope blog. From here on out, you can find my work on OPB’s EarthFix website.

Ecotrope was launched three years ago with a grant from Corporation for Public Broadcasting to NPR and OPB. As its blogger in chief, I have covered a wide range of issues from wolf reintroduction to the Clean Water Act to tiny homes and everyday recycling decisions.

Now OPB has a whole team of journalists covering Northwest environmental news on the EarthFix site, and it makes sense for me to add my experience to the mix.

You’ll still be able to read my existing Ecotrope blog posts on this site, but new stories will be posted exclusively on EarthFix.

I’m excited to be part of a larger environmental reporting team, and I hope you’ll continue to follow my work. I will post on Twitter as @cprofita_opb  and on the EarthFix Facebook page.

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