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Oregon's certified sustainable crab is a hot ticket

OPB’s Tom Banse reports the eco-label for Oregon Dungeness crab has paid off quick, and Washington and California crabbers are now saying they want in on the label too. Some upbeat news for Foodie Friday:

Dungeness Crab Commission director Nick Furman hoped the green imprint would open doors to new markets and justify higher prices. He didn’t have to wait long.

Nick Furman: “Right from the start of the season in December, we were made aware a significant amount of product went right into the certified, sustainable marketplace, for lack of a better word. Usually it takes a while to develop that interest.”

Furman says catches have been really good this winter, too. To get MSC certification, Furman says the Dungeness crab commission had to painstakingly document abundance, size and harvest rates to show their fishery is healthy and well-managed.”

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