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Jan. 11, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Are there wildlife die-offs in your neighborhood?

In the wake of the much-hyped "aflockalypse" – the term coined for the series of mass wildlife die-offs over the past two weeks – I discovered this U.S. Geological Survey site that compiles recent wildlife mortality events (which are actually quite common, experts say, though not to be ignored). Continue reading →

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Jan. 07, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Fish and bird die-offs are not the end of the world

After 5,000 redwing blackbirds rained from the sky in Arkansas, eight other mysterious die-offs were reported in the news, leading some to wonder if we are seeing the apocalypse (or "aflockalypse" as some were calling it). Everyone has been asking what caused the die-offs and are they connected? A Google map illustrating all the recent mass deaths has been circulating around the Internet over the past couple days. Continue reading →

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Jan. 03, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Dead blackbirds rain from the sky in Arkansas

Was it celebratory fireworks that caused 3,000 red-winged blackbirds to fall from the sky this weekend in Beebe, Ark.? That's what scientists suspect, but they don't know for sure. Continue reading →

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