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Feb. 12, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Newer, Larger Homes Use About As Much Energy As Older, Smaller Ones

The Energy Information Administration reports that U.S. homes built since 2000 are only using 2 percent more energy than older homes despite being 30 percent larger on average. How is that possible? Continue reading →

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Sept. 28, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Green homes: Where the floors are made of recycled toilets

So, I have a lot to learn about green homes...and how to tour more than one of them in a Saturday. I went on the Portland Build it Green! Home Tour this weekend. And when I say "home" tour I mean it. I only made it to one home – out of 21! (I also visited the June Key Delta Community Center, which was part of the tour and is taking the elite Living Building Challenge, but it's not technically a home.)

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Sept. 20, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

A secret to reusing waste heat: Your microwave

In the time it takes you to reheat yesterday's pizza, microwave energy can be used to create compounds that capture wasted heat from cars, machines and industry and turn it into electricity. Continue reading →

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Nov. 30, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

The problem with energy efficiency

One of Clark Williams-Derry's five thought-provoking ideas on The Daily Score blog reassures me that it's not crazy to question energy efficiency as public policy (as I mentioned earlier): His No. 2 thought-provoking idea is that energy efficiency doesn't always save energy: Continue reading →

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Nov. 23, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

R2B2: Pedal power for kitchen appliances

Check out these pictures of the pedal-powered kitchen center from FastCompany Design. The concept, from Christoph Thetard, is to power kitchen appliances such as a hand mixer, food processor and coffee grinder with a manual pedal. It could reduce a kitchen's carbon footprint and lower a home's electric bill. Does this retro reinvention have a a place in the modern home? Continue reading →

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Nov. 18, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

Face off: Which Facebook data center is greener?

Facebook's new data center planned for Forest City, N.C., might be greener than its Prineville data center in Oregon. Continue reading →

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Oct. 26, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

Report: Smaller homes, smaller carbon footprints

Headlines sure have a way of dumbing down the news, don't they?

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Oct. 19, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

Speaking of energy efficiency … Dr. Chu

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Oct. 04, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

New energy-saving idea: Flip the fridge

Bonneville Power Administration is testing a new kind of hot water heater in 40 homes across the Northwest as part of a national energy-savings experiment. Continue reading →

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Sept. 23, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

Weatherization: Worthy of tax dollars?

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