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April 08, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

A Proposal To Make All Fast Food Packaging Recyclable

A bill in the California Legislature would require fast food chains to use all compostable or recyclable packaging – and to make sure a good portion of that packaging is actually diverted from landfills and storm drains. Would you vote for it?

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Jan. 23, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Clever Ways Of Reusing Waste? What You Said...

I've gotten some great responses from people who are reusing waste in clever ways. Keep 'em coming! I'm impressed by the number of folks who seem to be constantly on the look-out for ways to avoid throwing non-recyclable stuff in the trash. Continue reading →

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Jan. 22, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Would Expanded Landfill Survive The Big One?

A controversial plan to expand the Riverbend Landfill in McMinnville may depend on its ability to survive a large earthquake. Continue reading →

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Jan. 17, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Slideshow: Cool Art Made From Trash

The Portland metro area sends more than 2 million tons of garbage to landfills every year. Surely, some of that trash could be put to better use.

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Jan. 11, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

3 New Waste-To-Energy Projects In Oregon

Several new projects in Oregon propose to turn garbage into energy sources including hydrogen, crude oil and methane. Continue reading →

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Dec. 21, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

When The Landfill Is Full...

Standing on a gravel landing on the Riverbend Landfill near McMinnville last week, Jackie Lang of Waste Management explained her company's plans to make room for more trash. Continue reading →

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Dec. 04, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Portland Garbage Drops 38 Percent With Curbside Composting

The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has compiled curbside collection data for the past year and found households are producing 38 percent less garbage than they were before the city's curbside composting program started. Continue reading →

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Nov. 26, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Bad News, Beavs: You're Also Behind On Recycling

I meant to check on this before the Civil War, but the latest match-up on trash has pretty much the same outcome as Saturday's 48-24 football game. Continue reading →

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Sept. 20, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

U.S. Gets As Much Energy From Trash As Geothermal

The Energy Information Administration put out this map of waste-to-energy output across the country. It represents the megawatts of power generated, essentially, by burning trash. The trash is burned to generate steam to drive turbines that generate power. Continue reading →

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May 18, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

In Portland: 44 Percent Less Trash At The Curb

The office of Portland Mayor Sam Adams posted this six-month progress report on the city's new curbside composting program, which started collecting food scraps last Halloween. Continue reading →

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