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Nov. 26, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Bad News, Beavs: You're Also Behind On Recycling

I meant to check on this before the Civil War, but the latest match-up on trash has pretty much the same outcome as Saturday's 48-24 football game. Continue reading →

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Oct. 09, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Rare Fossil Captures Ancient Spider Attack

Dinosaurs were very likely roaming nearby when tree resin flowed over a spider attacking a wasp in its web and created a rare fossil 100 million years ago. Continue reading →

Filed under: Fish & Wildlife, Oregon State University

Nov. 30, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Surprise! The U.S. is now a net fuel exporter

For the first time since 1949, the U.S. is exporting more petroleum products than we're importing, according to this story in today's Wall Street Journal: Continue reading →

Filed under: Energy, Biofuel, Fossil fuels, Gasoline consumption, Oregon State University

Nov. 03, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

As the climate changes: The forests of the future

Oregon State University has released a new study that says climate change, insect attacks, diseases and fire are causing huge migration of trees across the West. Continue reading →

Filed under: Forestry, Oregon State University

Sept. 21, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Why streams are warmer on private timberland

A study by Oregon State University suggests that the Oregon forest practices law doesn't require large enough stream buffers for private logging operations. Continue reading →

Filed under: Forestry, Forest Practices Act, Logging, Oregon State University

Sept. 20, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

A secret to reusing waste heat: Your microwave

In the time it takes you to reheat yesterday's pizza, microwave energy can be used to create compounds that capture wasted heat from cars, machines and industry and turn it into electricity. Continue reading →

Filed under: Energy, Energy efficiency, Oregon State University, Waste heat

Aug. 30, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

How wolves can help save the Canada lynx

Look out, coyotes. Wolves are coming back. Continue reading →

Filed under: Fish & Wildlife, Canada lynx, Oregon State University, William Ripple, Wolves

July 25, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Why NW trees standing in water struggle to drink

A new study from Oregon State University has found that the freezing and thawing of water in wintertime creates air bubbles in the transporting tissue of Northwest conifer trees and disrupts their water flow. Thus, researchers found it can be harder for trees to get a consistent flow of water in their system in the winter than in summer when water is scarce. Continue reading →

Filed under: Forestry, Oregon State University

July 18, 2011 · By Cassandra Profita

Slideshow: Oregon's solar-powered car explosion

[gallery link="file"] Continue reading →

Filed under: Renewable energy, Transportation, Oregon State University, Solar power, Solar Vehicle Team

July 18, 2011 · By David Steves

Oregon State's exploding solar-powered car

An Oregon State University student is recovering from burns, KEZI News is reporting, after his solar-powered car blew up over the weekend in Corvallis. Continue reading →

Filed under: Renewable energy, Oregon State University, Solar power

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