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Feb. 14, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

10 Lovable Urban Trees In Portland

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Feb. 11, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Oregon Environmental Groups Announce Legislative Priorities

More than 40 Oregon conservation groups announced their legislative priorities today. Continue reading →

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Feb. 05, 2013 · By Cassandra Profita

Report Finds 1,600 Jobs In Oregon's Electric Vehicle Industry

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Dec. 23, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Nominate Your Favorite "Outside The Box Star"

As the last days of 2012 draw to a close, I'm going to be posting a series of stories about people who are finding innovative solutions to environmental problems. These folks are thinking outside the box, taking risks and trying to make the world around them greener in new and unusual ways. Continue reading →

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Aug. 16, 2012 · By Amanda Peacher

Five Things To Know About Canola And The Willamette Valley

Yesterday, specialty seed growers filed suit against the state of Oregon for allowing the planting of canola on 1.7 million acres of ag land in the Willamette Valley. As the Statesman-Journal reports, farmers are worried about the potential of genetically modified canola cross-pollinating with valuable crops like broccoli or rutabaga. Continue reading →

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Aug. 14, 2012 · By Amanda Peacher

Generating Electricity From Wastewater

Wastewater treatment plants that generate energy are not new. In Oregon, there are at least 24 sewage treatment plants that generate electricity by burning methane, a product of sludge-digesting bacteria. Continue reading →

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April 24, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

A Winning Tale From The Trail

The Lewis & Clark National Historical Park holds an annual nature-writing contest for high school students. This year organizer Will George asked me to judge the contest, and I said yes. Continue reading →

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March 02, 2012 · By Cassandra Profita

Welcome Home? OR-7 Crosses Back Into Oregon

Oregon's wandering wolf OR-7 crossed back into Oregon yesterday, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Continue reading →

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Aug. 16, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

HumanCar: Watch the video

Thought you might enjoy this video (more enjoyable without the music, I'd say) of the 'human-electric' HumanCar, designed by engineer Charles Samuel Greenwood. Greenwood's company Imagine PS of Eugene plans to start producing the cars next year. As you'll see, a human-operated lever system propels the car up to 60 miles an hour (30 mph uphill). A modern-day Flintstones car? Looks kind of like a do-it-yourself Radio Flyer wagon to me. Continue reading →

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Aug. 12, 2010 · By Cassandra Profita

Perseid Meteor Shower peaks tonight

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