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Video: Edible Rooftop Gardens Growing In China

Click on the photo or the link below to see a video about two rooftop gardens in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Click on the photo or the link below to see a video about two rooftop gardens in Beijing and Hong Kong.

The Perennial Plate posted this video about two rooftop gardens in China: One in Hong Kong and one in Beijing.

Two farmers explain their experiments and failed attempts to grow food in the city, as well as their successes and enjoyment of the experience.

The garden in Hong Kong offers plot rentals to people who want to do their own gardening.

In Beijing, one farmer says, there are 90 million square feet of rooftop garden potential. From an airplane, he says, the city looks like it’s covered by a black wok turned upside down. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

This story in the New York Times calls rooftop gardening “an international trend” from New York to Berlin and Tokyo. In Hong Kong, the story explains, rooftop gardens are taking off in response to fears about food safety:

“Kimbo Chan knows all about the food scandals in China: the formaldehyde that is sometimes sprayed on Chinese cabbages, the melamine in the milk and the imitation soy sauce made from hair clippings. That is why he is growing vegetables on a rooftop high above the crowded streets of Hong Kong. ….

As millions of Hong Kong consumers grow increasingly worried about the purity and safety of the fruits, vegetables, meats and processed foods coming in from mainland China, more of them are striking out on their own by tending tiny plots on rooftops, on balconies and in far-flung, untouched corners of highly urbanized Hong Kong.”


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