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UO Duck Tries His Luck At Love Again On Tinder

The University of Oregon mascot is putting himself back on the market by taking a date to the men’s basketball game Saturday in Eugene.

The Duck’s spokeswoman, Megan Robertson, said the Duck opened his account on the dating app Tinder last semester and took his date to a women’s volleyball game, but it turned out to be just a fall fling.

Tomorrow night, he’s taking student Malena Udani to the game.

“He’s got his preferences just like everyone else,” said Robertson. “He does swipe those ones that he’s interested in.”

Robertson said while the Duck loves the University of Oregon, he won’t take just anyone on this date.

The Duck’s interests include people who enjoy ribbon dancing, UO sports, the university and gummy bears. Robertson said the Duck and Udani share an interest in basketball.

Though the Duck doesn’t have pants (or pockets for that matter), Robertson said he has his way of showing his date a good time, including tickets to the game and snacks, but there won’t be much in the way of verbal conversation.

“He maintains his personality,” said Robertson. “He talks in other ways. He has his way to express his feelings.”

Robertson said while she doesn’t have analytics, there’s been a huge interest from students as the opportunity to date the Duck has spread around campus by word of mouth.

The mascot made his choice Thursday. That gives his date some time to get ready for the big night.

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