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Northwest News Partnership - FAQ

What is the Northwest News Partnership?

The Northwest News Partnership is a collaboration between Oregon Public Broadcasting and dozens of media outlets around Oregon and southwest Washington, who have joined together to share thoughtful stories about our region. Partners include daily newspapers, weekly papers, television and radio stations, tribal media, online-only news outlets and collegiate papers.

How did the partnership get started?

The partnership was launched through a $302,000 challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's Community Information Challenge. Received in partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation, the grant -- along with matching support from generous donors -- helps expand the availability of high-quality news and information for citizens across the region.

What are the benefits of the partnership?

For participating news organizations, being a member allows for cost-effective access to dozens of relevant stories from participating news organizations each day. The partnership also allows each organization's stories to reach a wider audience across Oregon and the Northwest.

For the wider public, the partnership brings together diverse news sources in both rural and urban communities to create a stronger network for news and information. By sharing important stories more widely, and working together to cover statewide stories, the partnership helps support an engaged, informed citizenry.

Which media have joined the partnership?

Many of Oregon's news organizations have already joined the Northwest News Partnership and contribute on a daily basis. The map below displays the media organizations that currently participate.

Who coordinates the partnership?

Julia Silverman and Ryan Haas work with the partners to promote their content across the state.

How can my news organization join the partnership?

To discuss joining the partnership, contact Julia Silverman, Director of Content Partnerships at OPB, 503.293.1927.