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OPB readers looked back to an interview with Death Row inmate Gary Haugen last week. It was the top read story on the OPB news website.

Kristian Foden-Vencil spoke with Gary Haugen earlier this year about his views on the death penalty and life on death row.

Tuesday a judge in Salem will hold a competency hearing for convicted killer Gary Haugen. Haugen wants to waive all his appeals to the death sentence and proceed to execution. But his former lawy...

OPB News website readers' interest in the case of Death Row inmate Gary Haugen placed it on the top of the most popular stories of the week of Nov. 19.


Judge Rules Haugen Competent

Sept. 28, 2011

Death-row inmate Gary Haugen appeared before a Marion County Judge Tuesday morning in Salem. The judge ruled that Haugen is competent to continue arguing for his own execution.

Death row inmate Gary Haugen is calling Governor John Kitzhaber's execution reprieve "legally ineffective." And the inmate wants a new execution date.

Governor John Kitzhaber’s moratorium Tuesday on capital punishment in Oregon puts Gary Haugen’s scheduled execution on hold.

Lawyers from Oregon's public defenders office asked the State Supreme Court Monday, to order another hearing for convicted murderer Gary Haugen.

The widow of one of death row inmate Gary Haugen’s victims spoke Wednesday about her feelings concerning the governor’s recent decision to place a moratorium on the death penalty.

Death row inmate Gary Haugen is scheduled to undergo a psychological evaluation Tuesday. Haugen  wants to drop all appeals of his sentence, and proceed to execution.

Gary Haugen is just one of 37 inmates on Oregon's death row.

Kristian spoke with Geoff Norcross Monday morning about the fire near Bend.

Oregon is at the forefront of the nation's health care reform. OPB's Kristian Foden-Vencil looks at how those changes are affecting Oregonians.

Speaking from prison, Gary Haugen says the case is about having his rights respected.

A Salem judge has set a date for a psychological evaluation of convicted murderer, Gary Haugen. 

The showdown between Oregon death row inmate Gary Haugen and Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber made it to the state's highest court Thursday.

Oregon death-row inmate Gary Haugen is heading back to court this week in his bid to carry out his death sentence.

The Marion County judge who'll decide if Gary Haugen is mentally competent to be executed, is keeping the inmate's psychological evaluation confidential.

An Oregon judge has asked that the execution of convicted murderer Gary Haugen be cancelled. The execution was planned for August 16.

Gary Haugen has asked to be executed, and the state of Oregon will determine Friday if he is mentally competent enough to even ask that question.

Execution opponents say they'll ask the Oregon Supreme Court on Monday to set aside the death sentence of convicted killer, Gary Haugen.

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber surprised many people Tuesday when he made this announcement: "Under Article 5, Section 14 of the Oregon Constitution, I am exercising my authority as governor to ...

Northwest basketball legend Gary Payton will be inducted to the Hall of Fame September 8th.

The CEO of Xerox visited the company's Willsonville offices Thursday afternoon.  As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports several workers used the event to ask her not to outsource their jobs.

An oil-loving clay used to sop up creosote in the Portland Harbor has been so successful that it will be applied to a much larger project this fall on the Grand Calumet River in Gary, Indiana.

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Sept. 26, 2011

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 59 340 Oregon Public Broadcasting 2 1 417 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Only two people have ever been executed in Oregon since the dea...

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Oregon Supreme Court Hears Haugen Case

March 14, 2013

Gary Haugen's unusual legal case has been winding its way through the system since November 2011 when Governor John Kitzhaber halted all executions. In several shows since that time, we've explored...


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Voices of 2011

Dec. 23, 2011

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Haugen's Challenge to the Governor's Reprieve

July 25, 2012

Gary Haugen was in court Tuesday in his latest attempt to reverse his stay of execution. Last year, shortly before Haugen — a twice convicted murderer — was to be executed, Go...


Win Tickets to Gary Clark, Jr

Sept. 27, 2013

The Austin, Texas blues-rocker plays the Roseland Theater next Friday night. Here's how to enter for a chance at winning free tickets.

Gary Golio writes children's books about some of music's most influential artists. KMHD's Derek Smith talks with Golio about Spirit Seeker, his new book on John Coltrane.


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Oregon Experience interviewed the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Reed College alum for an upcoming episode celebrating the college's centennial. Watch video of Snyder reading his poem "What I'...

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