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Top Stories: Appeal Against OSU-Cascades Rejected, Eugene Considers Pot Sales Tax

Sept. 30, 2014 3 p.m.

Headlines for Tuesday, Sept. 30: The Bend City Council rejected an appeal against the proposed OSU-Cascades campus; the Eugene City Council is considering a tax on the sale of marijuana; Rep. Peter DeFazio and others demand the U.S. Forest Service change commercial photography and filming rules; and more.

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Top Stories: Scoggins Creek Fire Contained, Seaside Passes Pot Sales Tax Ordinance

Sept. 24, 2014 3:30 p.m.

Headlines for Wednesday, Sept. 24: The Scoggins Creek wildfire is 100 percent contained, according to officials; the Seaside City Council passed an ordinance that would place a tax on the sale of legal pot; the U.S. Forest Service wants to limit filming and photography in federal wilderness areas; and more.

Toxic Algae, Warming Waters

Jan. 12, 2015 4:10 a.m.

It only takes a slight temperature uptick to make our waters hospitable to life forms that aren't so hospitable to human health. Algal blooms are on the rise in Northwest waters, posing an increased risk for people who eat shellfish. Produced and written by Katie Campbell and Ashley Ahearn Photography by Katie Campbell Narrated and edited by Katie Campbell Read the Symptoms of Climate Change series:

Seattle's Bullitt Center: The World's Greenest Office Building

Jan. 12, 2015 4:10 a.m.

What if today's urban landscapes could return to the level of natural efficiency of an evergreen forest? That's what the Seattle-based Bullitt Foundation is attempting to do by creating the world's greenest office building on the edge of the Capitol Hill neighborhood overlooking downtown Seattle. It's called the Bullitt Center. The grand opening for the building took place Earth Day, April 22, 2013. Read and see more at Written, narrated and edited by Michael Werner Produced by Michael Werner & Katie Campbell Photography by Michael Werner, Katie Campbell & Greg Davis

Sick of Portables

Jan. 12, 2015 4:10 a.m.

What portable classrooms mean for student health and the environment and why school districts keep adding them. Special report by EarthFix and InvestigateWest here: Produced, written, narrated and edited by Katie Campbell Reported by Katie Campbell, Ashley Ahearn and Tony Schick Photography by Katie Campbell and Aileen Imperial Graphic by Nicole Fischer and Danika Sandoz

Portland’s Fire Department Says It’s Not Equipped For A Big Oil Train Derailment

Jan. 12, 2015 4:10 a.m.

Three oil trains roll through the city each week en route to a shipping terminal down the Columbia River near Clatskanie, Oregon. If one of them were to derail, Portland firefighters say they’re not equipped for a major spill, fire, or explosion along the lines of last year’s Lac-Megantic explosion in Quebec, Canada. Writing, Photography, and Editing by Alexi Horowitz

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End 2014 With One Last Gorgeous Photo Of Oregon

Dec. 22, 2014 6:59 p.m.

To round out a year of amazing photography, the U.S. Department of the Interior posted a beautiful photo of the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area, located in Southeast Oregon.

Arts | World

Brazil Enslaved

Sept. 23, 2015 6:30 p.m.

Slavery in Brazil lasted until 1888, longer than anywhere in the Americas. Its final years coincided with the rise of photography. A vast archive of images sheds light on the lives of enslaved women.

State of Wonder

Sept 19, 2015: Artists Displaced, Natasha Kmeto, Twilight, High Design Bonsai, Edward Curtis & More

Sept. 18, 2015 9:28 p.m.

This week: artists get kicked out of Towne Storage, Natasha Kmeto gets vocal, bonsai gets a high design update, vampires get all touristy and so much more. Hundreds Of Artists Lose Their Studios At Towne Storage - 5:08 Towne Storage has occupied a special place in the Central Eastside arts scene, housing hundreds of artists. But now, Towne Storage’s managers have informed everyone they need to be out by November; the building has been sold. Q&A: Commission Nick Fish On Artists' Space - 5:25 Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish told us he definitely has some concerns about how development in the Central Eastside is playing out. The New American Bonsai + The Artisan's Cup - 10:54 When most Americans think of bonsai — the art of pruning and shaping small trees — they probably think of an ancient gardening craft practiced by lovers of Japanese culture. Ryan Neil thinks it’s anything but. With a story ripped from the movie “The Karate Kid,” he has created Bonsai Mirai, a leading international school in the hills outside Portland. And he’s partnered with cutting-edge architects and designers in an effort to make bonsai cool for a new generation. Now they’re staging an ambitious exhibition of juried bonsai from around the country called The Artisan's Cup at the Portland Art Museum from Sept 25–27. Their goal: to elevate bonsai into a contemporary art form worthy of, well, museums. What Are You Looking At: Wendy Red Star on "Edward Curtis: Shadow Catcher" - 18:36 This fall, the Bend arts space Atelier 6000 is showing photographs by Edward Curtis in “Edward Curtis: Shadow Catcher.” At the turn of the 20th century, Curtis vowed to record, with his camera, the way Indian people lived. We sent Portland artist Wendy Red Star to check it out for an installment of our series “What Are You Looking At.” New Film Profiles Afghan Photographers - 26:30 When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, from 1996 to 2001, photography was illegal. Since then, photojournalists have taken cautious steps toward a free press. Local filmmaker Mo Scarpelli went to Afghanistan to see what life is like behind the lens for her new documentary “Frame by Frame,” which follows the lives of four Afghani photgraphers. You can see it at Vancouver's Kiggins Theater on Sept. 21 at 7:30pm. opbmusic session: Natasha Kmeto - 34:15 Portland-based electronic music artist Natasha Kmeto's record from a couple of years ago, “Crisis,” emphasized mood and sound. But her new one record, “Inevitable,” is all about soul. Her robust vocals dominate the mix, and she’s singing personal lyrics that are more raw and confident than ever. Tilikum Crossing - 41:09 You’re a person, right? Well, your bridge is ready for you. Tilikum Crossing, literally, “the Bridge of the People,” is carrying its first walkers, bikers and public transit riders between Portland’s South Waterfront and East Side. It’s Bridgetown’s first new bridge over the Willamette River in four decades. Think Out Loud’s Dave Miller spoke with the bridge’s architect, Don McDonald. Ten Years After "Twilight" Dawned, Forks Remains A Mecca For Vampire Fan - 45:20 Last weekend, vampires were afoot in a small town on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Fans of the bestselling teen vampire romance series flooded into the town of Forks from all over the country to mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first book in the Twilight Saga. Correspondent Tom Banse reports on the love story that injected new blood into the economy of a once hobbled logging town.

State of Wonder

Showing Edward Curtis

Oct. 3, 2015 1:38 a.m.

We talk with Atelier 6000’s executive director, Dawn Boone, and Portland Art Museum's curator of Native American Art Deana Dartt and also and PAM's curator of photography, Julia Dolan about the challenges of exhibiting works by photography pioneer Edward Curtis.

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Oregon Lens

May 26, 2015 8:59 p.m.

Oregon Lens showcases a dazzling range of work from Oregon’s independent filmmakers, with documentary and fictional films ranging from gritty explorations of the lives of people in need to fantastic photography of some of the state’s most beautiful places.

Arts | local

Darkroom To Digital: An Oregon Art Beat Special

Feb. 4, 2015 8:26 p.m.

From documenting the grandeur of the West to pushing the boundaries of the artform, explore Oregon’s remarkable and groundbreaking relationship with photography

Hire OPB

Educational Media Productions

Aug. 18, 2015 6:43 p.m.

OPB has more than 15 years of experience designing and producing multimedia educational resources in literature, history, social studies, mathematics, and the sciences for students, teachers, and adult learners.

Think Out Loud

Christopher Rauschenberg Talks The Changing Field Of Photography

Oct. 15, 2014 7:45 p.m.

 The co-founder 0f Blue Sky, a gallery in Northwest Portland, talks about the dynamic history of photography and where the medium might be headed. 


Nature Photography by Peter Marbach

Oct. 14, 2014 5:22 p.m.

Nature photography by Peter Marbach.

Pete Brook Prison Photography

Aug. 12, 2014 9:39 p.m.

Photos from Prison Photography blog editor, Pete Brook.

Think Out Loud

Are Smart Phones Changing Professional Photography?

July 17, 2014 7:45 p.m.

Corvallis-based professional photographer Kat Sloma recently ditched her traditional camera in favor of an iPhone.


William Stafford's Photography

Jan. 16, 2014 6:37 p.m.

Poet William Stafford left behind a photo collection of 16,000 negatives that can be found in the William Stafford Archive at Lewis and Clark.

Arts | Fish & Wildlife | local

Butterfly Photography by Chris Carvalho

Feb. 10, 2014 5:44 p.m.

Butterfly Photography by Chris Carvalho.

Arts | Environment

Brent McGregor's Photography

Oct. 4, 2013 8:38 p.m.

Brent McGregor's Photography

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