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Sen. Wyden on Privacy, TPP and Artificial Intelligence

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden stopped by OPB ahead of the U.S. Senate’s vote on extending the Patriot Act. In a conversation that lasted just over 20 minutes, Sen. Wyden spoke on three issues: Privacy vs. Security, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Issue and artificial intelligence as a security threat.  

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Bend Artist Creates Owl For Barneys New York Holiday Window Display

If you happen to make it out to New York before the new year, you can see the work of one of our own in the iconic Barneys New York holiday window display.

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Oregon Arts Group Claims Achievement Boost

The Right Brain Initiative started at schools where average reading and math scores had been going up about two, or two and a half points a year. Right Brain is now reporting its program drives reading scores up an average of seven points, and math, more than eight points - in one year.

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Artist And Scientist, In Perpetual Motion

Like most first-graders, Josh likes to ask a lot of questions. But the budding scientist also likes coming up with the answers on his own.

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Candidates For Oregon Arts And Culture Job Speak Out

Three finalists for an executive position steering arts and cultural funding were introduced to the public Monday.


Artist And Scientist, In Perpetual Motion

Josh likes to ask a lot of questions.

Portlanders Urged To Pay Arts Tax As Oversight Committee Meets

Collections have begun again for the Portland arts tax. An oversight committee meets this week to talk about revenue from the tax and how it's been spent.

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Tax Revenue A Work In Progress For Local Arts Groups

Compared with everything that's happened with Portland-area schools, arts groups say they don't have much to show for their work helping to pass the Arts Education and Access Fund.

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Arts Tax Checks In The Mail, Miniaturized

Regional administrators have received $200,000 in revenues to pay out.

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Portland Artists Remember Harper Lee, Comics Go Mobile, And Deep Sea Diver Plays From The Heart

State of Wonder, Feb. 27: Ursula K. Le Guin on Harper Lee, the mayoral candidates show us their ideal neighborhoods, Stēla Comics new mobile subscription plan, the Southern Gothic horror stories of "Harrow County," and more.

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Half-Blind Enterpise Artist Paints In Vivid Color

82-year-old Bob Fergison came to painting late in life, but you can’t tell from his colorful, expressive depictions of nudes and boxers in his show at the Josephy Center.

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The Dangers Of Art Glass And The Dangerous Art Of Pussy Riot

State of Wonder, Feb. 13: Pussy Riot, Cheryl Strayed & Diana Nyad, Bullseye Glass, the remix artist RAC takes us through his Grammy-nominated song and more

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Oregon Historical Photo: Early Drawing Class At Portland Art Museum School

The Portland Art Museum opened in 1893 on the second floor of the Portland Library, housing no art, only a collection of art books. The museum opened the Portland Art Museum School in 1909.

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Exploring Costa Rican Art, From San Jose's Museums To The City's Streets

Journey across the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, and take a look at some local art from across time.

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James Allen, Book Arts

James Allen creates unique book excavations that transform books into sculptures.

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Maritime Art Exhibit Returns To Coos Bay For 22nd Year

One of the West Coast's largest celebrations of maritime art is happening in Coos Bay right now.

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Is Portland Arts Funding Out Of The Woods?

The recession hit the Portland art scene hard. How are arts organizations doing now?

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Oregon Historical Photo: Modern Art’s Slow Evolution

Oregon’s early- to mid-20th century artists found it almost impossible to exhibit or sell their work. But a small group connected to the Portland Art Museum persisted, developing variations on a modernist regional style and paving the way for today’s rich, flourishing art scene.

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The Art of Grimm

In "The Art of Grimm," Oregon Art Beat profiles the many Oregon artists and craftspeople behind this hit NBC series that brings fairy tales to life. Known for its fantastical creatures called Wesen, Grimm films every episode right here in Oregon.

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