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When School Is Home, And Home Is School

Ethan is among the more than 20,000 students in Oregon who are home-schooled. That number has just about doubled since 2000. 

Learning To Read From A Hospital Bed

Seven-year-old Kaylie stands out from her classmates in a lot of ways, including her extra-good classroom behavior. But she thinks a lot about the physical condition that keeps her outside the first grade reading semi-circle.

About Class Of 2025: Follow Students From First Grade To Graduation

Oregon has set a goal to have all of the class of 2025 graduate high school. OPB is following a group students from now until the year 2025. Learn more about the project, or comment here.   This project is part of American GraduateLet’s Make It Happen! — a public broadcasting initiative to address the drop out crisis, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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