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The High Price Of Wasted Food

Americans throw out enough food in one day to feed the entire Seattle metro area for two weeks. As the environmental costs of that waste add up, the city takes a new approach to keep food out of the landfill.

Curbside Composting 101: Try This At Home

You could say Lauren Ziemski is a bit of a composting guru. She’s been using Seattle’s curbside composting program since it started nearly a decade ago.  

Curbside Composting: No One Said It Would Be Easy

Since Seattle and Portland began offering curbside composting, the cities have faced challenges from foul odors, lack of participation and plastic contamination.

Food Waste Racers

Ethanol Made From Food Waste Takes Off

About What A Waste: A Special Report

America’s food waste problem is gigantic. The EPA estimates that every year, we throw out 36 million tons of grub. But food waste doesn't have to be a total loss. It can be quite valuable as fertilizer or even fuel for cars, trucks and buses.

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