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Jury Selection Under Way In Christmas Tree Bomb Plot Trial

OPB | Jan. 10, 2013 6:53 p.m. | Updated: Jan. 18, 2013 3:06 p.m. | Portland

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Twelve jurors and four alternates are being chosen to hear the charges against a young Oregonian accused of acting on a false bomb plot.

Sketch by Deborah Marble

Having an opinion about the case against Mohamed Mohamud will not get you kicked out of the jury pool. Federal District Judge Garr King repeatedly asked prospective jurors to think about whether they they could put aside opinions — which, he says, everyone has – and decide the case on presented facts.

Prospective jurors divulged a litany of prior encounters with the law. Some had convicts in their families, while others had been victims of crime. Some jurors were released because of relationships with police or FBI agents. Several said they had strong feelings about the case – feelings they can’t set aside. Judge King excused them.

Sketch by Deborah Marble

Sketch by Deborah Marble

One woman got off the hook because her honeymoon is scheduled to start near the time the trial is expected to wrap up.

Judge King hopes to finish jury selection and opening arguments before the weekend begins.

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