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Political Chat: Shutdown In DC, Action In Salem

OPB | Oct. 4, 2013 10:22 a.m.

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This week, America watched as the politics of stalemate brought the government to a halt. Unable to agree on a continuing resolution to fund the government, Congress steered everything into shutdown mode. The effects are being felt in the Northwest, where we have thousands of federal employees.

From left: Jeff Mapes, Bill Lunch and Geoff Norcross.

From left: Jeff Mapes, Bill Lunch and Geoff Norcross.


Interestingly, Congress couldn’t get work done when it was supposed to, while Oregon lawmakers got something done when they weren’t. A special session convened by Governor John Kitzhaber passed five bills of pension changes, tax cuts and other measures.

We talk politics on Friday mornings, with OPB Political Analyst Bill Lunch and Jeff Mapes, senior political reporter for The Oregonian. Jeff is actually in Washington D.C., on assignment for the paper, and he joined us from NPR headquarters. OPB Political Analyst Bill Lunch is in the other Washington, visiting our neighbor to the north, and he joined us on the line. Click “play” above to listen in on the conversation.

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