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Political Chat: Spring Week Brings No Break From Politics

OPB | March 30, 2012 4 a.m. | Updated: Oct. 19, 2012 4:25 a.m.

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For Supreme Court junkies, it was like … Spring Break. The justices heard nearly six hours of testimony on the two-year-old health insurance reform law, known as the Affordable Care Act.

Many people were watching, including Oregon lawmakers, who made substantial changes to the Oregon Health Plan based on the Act.

Across the Columbia, caucuses to select Washington’s national convention delegates are moving along. Rick Santorum’s campaign claimed this week that they’ll get, in the end, as many delegates as Mitt Romney, even though Romney won the caucuses.

And two of Oregon’s state universities made big announcements about two political figures: former Governor Ted Kulongoski, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Our political guys are here for our weekly review of the week’s news. Bill Lunch is OPB’s Political Analyst. Jeff Mapes is the senior political reporter for The Oregonian.

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