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Smith's Money Flow Slows As Election Day Nears

OPB | Oct. 23, 2012 6:33 p.m. | Updated: Oct. 24, 2012 1:15 a.m. | Portland

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With just two weeks to go before ballots are due, it may be no surprise to learn that candidate Jefferson Smith’s fundraising has slowed to a trickle in the Portland mayor’s race.

Michael Clapp / OPB

Since the kickoff of primary season, Charlie Hales’s totals for contributions and expenditures well exceed one million dollars. Jefferson Smith isn’t far behind. He’s raised $937,000 and spent $988,000.

But Smith’s fundraising slowed considerably after revelations about an incident at a 1993 college party, where he hit a woman. He lost endorsements, and his October fundraising barely exceeded $30,000.

That compares with $139,000 raised by Hales over the same period.

Back in June, Hales made a pledge to limit individual contributions to $600. He’s mostly stuck by that But last week Hales sent a letter to Smith suggesting a waiver for certain contributions from union members, to be spent on mailers or other in-kind services.

Smith did not agree to the plan, but a campaign spokeswoman for Hales says he will move forward accepting some donations in excess of the self-imposed limit from unions.

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