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Still No Contract Between Portland Public Schools, Teachers

OPB | Feb. 13, 2014 5:19 p.m. | Updated: Feb. 14, 2014 10:41 a.m.

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Leaders at Portland Public Schools and the Portland Association of Teachers concluded talks Thursday without an agreement. They won’t meet again until Sunday.

The Portland Association of Teachers building.

The Portland Association of Teachers building.

Courtney Sherwood / OPB

Superintendent Carole Smith’s statement was conciliatory, saying “both teams continue to work hard to reach a negotiated settlement.”

Union officials expressed hope that the district would take the teachers’ latest proposal seriously.

In a summary sent to Portland teachers, the union says it has reduced its proposed salary increase to about two and a half percent a year. The Portland Association of Teachers also offers to change health insurance coverage to save the district $2 million, according to the union.

Workloads remain a significant sticking point. The district is offering to relieve workload by hiring 88 more teachers and setting up a committee. The union wants more teachers than that, especially given news of increased state revenue. The two sides also disagree on early retirement incentives.

Teachers are poised to strike Feb. 20, if no deal is reached by then.

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