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Sounds Of Summer: The Wind In His Sails

OPB | Aug. 5, 2013 11:36 a.m. | Portland

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Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

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The warm weather brings out sailors on the Willamette River.   Grant Gridley is one of them and he loves to sail.  OPB’s Kathryn Boyd-Batstone caught up with him, for our series Sounds of Summer.

The war weather brings out sailors on the Willamette River.  Grant Gridley is one of them.

The war weather brings out sailors on the Willamette River.  Grant Gridley is one of them.

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone / OPB

“I’ve been sailing for about three years. 

I started in 2010 and I get to do something fun that not many kids get to do. 

When your sailing it’s like you get this feeling that you are actually really doing something well and you are sailing because the big thing about me is that I [am] dyslexic and it’s really hard for me to read and write. 

It’s really fun for sailing because I get to know that I’m doing something well and I don’t get tested on it that much.  I like the sound of feeling like there’s something exciting because you are actually really, cause your really working hard to keep the boat out of the waves and flat and not keeled over so it doesn’t depend on the sailor as much. 

It more depends on who can handle big wind better and who can keep their boat flat.”

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