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Sounds Of Summer: Music In The Air

OPB | Aug. 2, 2013 12:47 p.m.

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Music takes over the lunch hour at Scott Park in downtown Milwaukie each Wednesday. Twisted Pick, a folk and bluegrass group from Roseburg was at the outdoor amphitheater recently to strum, harmonize and entertain the hungry crowd. Christina Kempster was there and produced our next sounds of summer entry.

“Doug Bennett, I’m here with Abby and Nathan, yes these are my grandkids, and Erika.”

“My name is Abby!”

“We try to make most of them. Although this is the first one we have been to this year. You know it was a great day … “

“And it’s mom’s birthday!” And so we decided to come.”

“My name is Alice Ivers. Well obviously the sunshine but I did know that they were having concerts in the park so just to hear a little music on my lunch hour. Well I love music and I love outside venues small and large. It’s so nice and really brings community together.”

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