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Oregon Compares Well On Health Insurance Premiums

OPB | Sept. 5, 2013 4:53 p.m. | Updated: Sept. 6, 2013 11:53 a.m. | Portland

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Portland will have some of the lowest-cost health plans in the nation on the new health insurance exchanges, according to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Kaiser looked at insurance premiums in 17 states and Washington, DC — the jurisdictions that have released comprehensive data about the rates on their new exchanges.

The best prices for silver plans for a 40-year-old earning $29,000 a year, range from about $200-a-month in Portland, to more than $400 in Burlington, Vermont.

Many of the people who buy those plans, will then be able to get federal tax credits to help pay — depending on their incomes.

Portland also does well in the lower-cost bronze plans. Costs for a 40-year old range from a low of $146-a-month in Baltimore to $165 in Portland. Burlington, Vermont is at the top of that range again at $336-a-month.

Premiums and Participation in Marketplace.pdf

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