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Northern California Wildfires Bring Unhealthy Air To Oregon

Fires that have devastated parts of northern California are sending smoky air into southern and central Oregon.

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People Of Color Are Living With More Polluted Air Than Whites Are

At every income level, people of color are still exposed to more air pollution than white people, a study from the University of Washington finds.

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Smoke From Wildfires Worries Northwest Winemakers, Farmers

Harvest season is in full swing in Oregon and Washington. But with wildfires burning hundreds of thousands of acres, many Pacific Northwest growers are concerned about their crops.

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Lane County Air Pollution Reached Unprecedented Levels Last Week

If this week’s wildfire smoke left residents mistaking Lane County for another planet, that may be since the pollution was unmatched in modern county history.

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Climate Change Is Making Smoky, Unhealthy Air More Common

As climate change plays out in the Northwest, more smoky, unhealthy air will come along with hotter, drier summers and bigger wildfires.

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Rain In Forecast Crucial For Eagle Creek Fire's Next Few Days

The National Weather Service says rain in the forecast will be crucial to firefighting efforts before the heat returns at the end of the week. 

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2017 Hottest August On Record In Portland, Salem And It Ain't Over

The National Weather Service says last month was the hottest August on record for Portland and Salem.

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Wildfire Smoke In Western Oregon Expected To Ease Tuesday

Smoke from wildfires in Southern Oregon is expected to clear in the Willamette Valley on Tuesday as winds shift to the southwest. 

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Wildfire Smoke From Canada Expected To Keep On Coming Into Washington And Oregon

Forecasts predict smoke will keep coming and continue to blanket Washington and Oregon throughout the weekend.

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Fumes From Oregon Plant Smell Like 'Dead Flesh,' Locals Claim

The company, DEQ and City of Stanfield are aware of the problem but offer no specific timeline for odor mitigation.