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Fact Check: Sound Transit Ballot Measure Not A Big Climate Saver

KUOW | Nov. 4, 2016 5:30 p.m. | Seattle

In a year that has broken record after high-temperature record, two initiatives on the ballot claim to be major advances in fighting climate change. KUOW fact-checks the initiative claims.

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Gov. Brown Promises 'Sweeping Change' From New Air Pollution Rules

OPB/EarthFix | Oct. 18, 2016 1:30 p.m. | Portland

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is promising “sweeping change” from the new state air pollution rule-making process now underway.

Environment | Air | Portland's Toxic Air Problem

Oregon Governor’s Advisor Tapped to Lead Environmental Agency For Now

OPB/EarthFix | Oct. 4, 2016 4:15 p.m.

Richard Whitman is Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's natural resource policy director. But soon he will become the interim director of the troubled Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

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Uroboros' Impending Closure Deals Another Blow To NW Art Glass

OPB | Sept. 30, 2016 10:27 p.m. | Portland

North Portland art glass supplier Uroboros is the second this year to see the end of the line.

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With Few Rules For Home Demolitions, Threat Of Lead Dust Worries Neighbors

OPB/EarthFix | Sept. 19, 2016 11:45 a.m. | Portland

While health officials are working to reduce exposure after waves of concern about lead in drinking water and industrial emissions, many say the lack of protections for home demolitions are a gap in regulations.

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Expanded Air Monitoring Detects Toxic Metals Around Precision Castparts

OPB/EarthFix | Sept. 8, 2016 5:53 p.m.

Southeast Portland air near a manufacturing plant run by Precision Castparts is polluted with unhealthy levels of the heavy metals nickel, hexavalent chromium and arsenic, according to the latest batch of air monitoring data.

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Yosemite National Park Grows Toward West In Largest Expansion Since 1949

NPR | Sept. 8, 2016 7:46 a.m.

The park is increasing by 400 acres along its western boundary, thanks to a donation by the conservation group The Trust for Public Land. The land includes a grassy meadow and wetlands.

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State Accepting Art Glass Comments For One More Week

OPB | July 22, 2016 8:50 a.m. | Portland

Regulators are trying to iron out whether regulations will apply to all makers across the state.

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Southeast Portland Residents Sue Precision Castparts Over Pollution

Pamplin Media Group | July 13, 2016 7:52 a.m. | Portland

Six residents of Southeast Portland have filed two separate class-action lawsuits against Precision Castparts Corp., alleging that its toxic air emissions have harmed their health and decreased property values.

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Toxic Emissions Declining In Oregon

Statesman Journal | July 7, 2016 12:06 p.m.

Across the state, 280 federally regulated facilities released 16.4 million pounds of toxic chemicals in 2014, according to new data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.