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Puget Sound's Endangered Orcas Compete With Seals, Sea Lions For Salmon

Competition with other marine mammals for the same food may be a bigger problem than fishing, at least in recent years, for southern resident killer whales that spend time in Washington state's Puget Sound, a new study suggests.

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Klamath Falls Dogs, Animal Hospital Join Stem Cell Research

Roughly 20 participating clinics across the U.S. hope to have a total of 600 dogs in the overall study.

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Environmental Group Sues Washington State For Records Of Wolf Killings

An environmental group is suing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for access to some public records on wolf deaths in the state.

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Third Collared Wolf Found Dead In Klamath County

Another collared gray wolf with ties to Jackson County was found dead last week in Klamath County, the third killing of a federally protected and collared wolf there in the past year.

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Oregon Elk Hunter Shoots A Wolf He Said Charged At Him

An Oregon elk hunter shot and killed a wolf he said was charging him, Oregon State Police and ODFW said.

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What A Scientist Lost In The Eagle Creek Fire

When a fire goes out, what does it mean for scientists studying a place that may no longer exist the way they remember it?

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Entangled: Making The Sea Safer For Whales

Oregon crabbers are working with marine scientists to make the seas safer for whales and to avoid a black mark on their brand.

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Oregon Wildlife Biologists Testing Deer, Elk For Fatal Disease

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has established testing stations where hunters can submit deer and elk carcasses to be tested for chronic wasting disease.

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Clark County Public Health Among First In US To Link Salmonella Outbreak To Tuna

Clark County Public Health officials were among the first to identify a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to tuna loins and tuna steaks.

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Cougar Sightings Increase On The Oregon Coast

An updated cougar management plan found that the coast management zone has reported a rise in cougar sightings.