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Solstice, Full Moon Mark Summer's Official Arrival

AP | June 20, 2016 8:21 a.m.

Sky watchers will later be treated to a rare full moon coinciding with the solstice. June's full moon has traditionally been nicknamed the honey moon or the strawberry moon because of its large, reddish-amber appearance in the sky.

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Native Olympia Oysters Have Built-In Resistance To Ocean Acidification

OPB | June 12, 2016 2:45 p.m. | Portland

Native Olympia oysters have a built-in resistance to ocean acidification, according to a newly published study in the Journal of Limnology and Oceanography.

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Warm Spring Takes A Toll On Oregon Snowpack

OPB | June 7, 2016 10:47 a.m.

A warm spring in the Northwest has taken a toll on the snowpack in Oregon. Snow has melted quickly, resulting in an unusual loss of snowpack.

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Hood River Community Gathers To Protest Oil Transport By Rail

Northwest News Network | June 6, 2016 3:30 p.m.

As crews worked to clean up overturned oil tanker cars and answer questions about the cause of Friday’s train derailment in Mosier, Oregon, the Hood River community gathered to protest oil transport by rail.

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Portland School Board Bans Climate Change-Denying Materials

Portland Tribune | May 24, 2016 9:52 a.m.

In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

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Washington's Early Wildfires Indicate Another Rough Season

AP | May 22, 2016 9:15 a.m. | Seattle

On the heels of two consecutive record-setting wildfire seasons, the state Department of Natural Resources is training more wildland firefighters, equipping local agencies with fire equipment, adding aircraft, radios and other equipment.

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Climate Activists Arrested For Camping On Train Tracks Along Puget Sound

KUOW/EarthFix | May 16, 2016 8:39 a.m. | Anacortes, Washington

Fifty-two people were arrested Sunday after camping out on train tracks that service oil refineries in northern Puget Sound. They were among hundreds of activists who demonstrated against fossil fuels in Anacortes, Washington. 

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52 Climate Activists Arrested In Washington State

AP | May 15, 2016 9:39 a.m. | Seattle

Authorities cleared railroad tracks of protesters and arrested 52 climate activists in Anacortes, Washington, Sunday morning. The protestors had been camped out on the tracks since Friday.

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How Climate Change Threatens Coastal Archeological Sites

OPB/EarthFix | May 12, 2016 5:15 p.m. | Crescent City, California

 Native American villages dotted the coastline up until the early 1900s. But now many of those sites are literally falling into to the ocean – a process that is being accelerated by climate change.   

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Warm April Causes Rapid Melting Of Washington Snowpack

AP | May 10, 2016 9:23 a.m. | Spokane, Washington

High temperatures in April caused much of the Pacific Northwest's mountain snowpack to melt. Runoff was above normal because of the rapid snowmelt, but Washington's rivers and streams were able to contain it without flooding.